7 Ways to Generate Organic Brand Awareness for Your Business

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Organic methods of generating brand awareness are sustainable ways to grow audience traction without relying on a huge budget. As such, implementing organic branding can help improve the overall cost-effectiveness of your campaigns. Your organic campaigns can perform consistently once you set them in motion, as a reliable marketing solution that works for the long term despite the busiest and driest periods.

Combining paid promotions (such as remarketing strategies) with organic outreach leaves no stone unturned, empowering your business with a comprehensive approach that engages and converts quality audiences.

1. Leverage Social Content

Social content remains one of the most popular and effective ways to interact with your target audience. You can boost brand awareness by gathering audience opinions and concerns on social media before responding with quality content such as blog articles, podcasts, webinars, videos, and photos.

For example, you could publish a social media poll on the reasons for not purchasing a specific product. You can then create a follow-up video that directly acknowledges and resolves the top woes. Doing so helps to promote your brand’s image as a dedicated listener with a genuine interest in meeting customer needs.

2. Optimize Your Headlines

The headlines of your branding content determine their effectiveness in the online world. For optimal organic results, go with a concise headline (between four to eight words) and include popular SEO words based on trending user searches. Also, it could prove impactful to add an adjective that conveys emotion, giving people an additional reason to care about and respond to your brand offerings.

3. Add Relevant Hashtags

Well-researched hashtags can boost the visibility of your brand campaigns. However, you should avoid spamming keywords as social algorithms may flag and remove the ranking of your content.  Audiences may also find walls of hashtags highly distracting and overlook your brand message. Consider limiting two to three hashtags per social media post to broaden your outreach while packing your messaging with the right amount of punch.

4. Focus on Shareable Content

shareable piece of content essentially refers to any brand information with adequate value or emotional engagement, encouraging readers to pass the message among their social networks. While creating quality content that people care about is the answer to making something shareable, you could encourage the process by embedding social share buttons on your pages as shortcuts for reposting your message.

5. Develop a Consistent Brand Image

An established and consistent brand image drives awareness and makes your business instantly recognizable across every online and offline outlet. A consistent brand image must be accompanied by a consistent content distribution strategy for your campaigns. You can make your brand iconic by ensuring the logo, tone of voice, color scheme, fonts, and other design elements stay uniform no matter where you distribute them.

6. Maintain a Regular Online Presence

A brand that maintains a strong online presence fosters trust and reliability among customers. Maintaining regular online campaigns shows the proactivity of your business, with the frequency of posting making your messages clearer and more memorable for elevating brand awareness. Industry experts recommend posting 2-3 times a week for the best response. We agree with this posting schedule, but you should closely identify what works for you and your business. If posting every Monday and Wednesday works for you, then go for that and stick with it.

7. Provide Freebies

Value-added freebies such as product samples, subscription trials, downloads, and giveaways provide a glimpse of your brand offerings. Since prospects have the opportunity to experience a product or service before spending a single dime, they can readily experience your business’s unique selling points. Promoting these freebies can help your business build a loyal group of supporters and brand ambassadors who can take your promotional efforts to the next level through the power of social proof.

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